hi poopdine its knee kit a i love u a lot thx for being my bff i have a lot of love for you my brazilian babyy!! also whoever locked/deleted ur old notepad: fuc off!!! thx fir being in my life and for being you i really really love you and i am hella greatful for you!! thanks fir a,ways being by my side💓 

hello hello, my sassy little friend. 
i'm glad i have such a cocky person like you in my life, it's quite entertaining. not only that but you're pretty funny and you make me laugh all the time. all in all you're an amazing human being and i hope that our friendship continues to grow stronger every day. lots of love for my main lame. mwuah xo
  — "queen of the burns"

hey hey cam(paign), it's your vice here to tell you to keep on doing you and don't stop for nobody, you're the greatest and fiercest of them all so don't you never ever ever never (*cue oscar's voice from shark tale*) forget your worth! make sure to grant me unlimited money so i can buy plants and save bunnies! (also buy tons of milkshakes and fries.. annnnd clothes. but that's besides the point.. i promise i'll be a world changer with that money. ;))
much luv, your one and only vice, sarah.

i was going to come up with like a poem but then i remembered who i was and how dumb i actually am so fuck that cami shirt smh u suck :/// but ur a nice sucker i guess ::///

-ya boi
^ ok mason 

ur the rat, anyway this is my spot n' i'll come back when i think of what to write. -- me

hi hi hi camzizzle,
this is riles yo, i love you very much and i think you're awesome and the best person ever. i know sometimes you're caught in the blue but don't let that bum you out bc you're special to me and to others too. well rn i'm singing greedy, our anthem. we are twins, soul mates idk everything, dont stop doing you bc you excel at that!!!!! 
all the love from riles ❤️❤️ // @spectrms

it's alex, hey cam you're my fav. you're super cool and you're always there for me and ily so much.

hiiii my dear cam:
i've had my wine and my wifi is back up so here i go writing you a long dead ass letter that you should enjoy reading (so will i when i sober up again). your wittiness has never failed to slap a smile onto my face as i probably laugh so hard that my mom wants to know what the hell im on and if she can get some too and i can almost guarantee that it happens every time you decide to be hilariously smart with me. i'm also totally pleased that you're into kpop. well done. i'm thrilled to have learned that "personality wise" i'm like your mom (i hope that's what you meant because if not then oh well fuck me, oh wait). i aspire to be as both protective and kind as you are because just yesterday you were clumsy enough to misinterpret my words into believing that someone had told me that they wanted me to die and then you proceeded to message them and to use your best confronting skills, worthy enough to be compared closely to robert de niro's performance in "taxi driver"; a great movie, but not as emotionally involving as "lost in translation". now as i read and reread and reread and reread this awful yet blurry letter i just want to apologize for any HOYL SHIT MY TAPESTRY JUST FELL ON ME AND I THOUGHT IT WAS A GIANT ASS SPIDER IM GOINGTO CRU I SWEAR I FELT FURRY LEGS ON ME. OKay, uh anyways im going to end this letter because bill murray is calling my name and i think i should sober up a little. love you and your lame ass.

i'm incapable of writing a long ass paragraph so.. this is your lit friend queen elizabeth ╮(╯▽╰)╭ . you're a cool and amazing person, and so far one of my favorite. plυѕ we нave oυr ғonт goalѕ ( ˘ ³˘)♥ || @ѕvnlιт 

hiiiii it's sethhh. um i don't really know what to say.. you're really rad, and you're very sweet. i hope we can soon become good friends. byeeee!

hey josh, just stopped by to say hello and that you're pretty cool. you'te lowkey cooler than me which is why you should probably be drake bc he's cooler than josh but whatever. we have such random conversations but they always keep me entertained. anyways, i don't know what else to say so i'm gonna leave before i make it awkward lol 
x drake 

great husband 10/10 for service

hey bitch, love ya 💋
x niks 

i wanna kiss you sometimes 
i wanna choke you sometimes
^ thats quite nice, choke me daddy