Upgrade to Pro

Pro user account can enhance your experience on notepad.pw and allow you to do things that are not possible when using the free version of this site. Below are the features you get with an Pro account that do not come with free version of this site.

Feature Free Paid
Notes Tracking
Allows you to keep track of the notes you've made
limited unlimited
Delete Notes
Allows you to wipe your notes from the website
Download Notes as HTML
Download your note from the panel
Reset / Set Note Password
With one click you can set and reset passwords on your notes
On-site Note Backups
stored separately from rest of the data
Up to 10 times per note
No Ads
We will not advertise to you.
Upload Direct
You can upload files up to 10MB in size
Future Updates
You get the latest updates as the website grows.

How to use the admin panel