About Us
We are a company based in Canada that strives for innovation in technology used on the web today. was founded and developed by Mr.Moe (Alias) in late 2015. Since its inception we have crafted our products to perfection with beautiful design and ease of use. After finding flaws in privacy and usability in our competitors we came up with to lead the future of text based note-taking. Our core values dictate that the future of the web should consist of total privacy, ease of use and advanced technologies.

Trees Saved
Notepad has saved over 1,200,000 sheets of paper.

Our Team
  • Mr.Moe [CEO] [Brampton, Canada]
  • Niko [CMO] [Toronto, Canada]

Our Products
  • WriteXO - An advanced cloud based editor for writers
  • isitreleased - Countdown to release date for your favorite movies, cartoons and games.

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